Corner where you can find the helpful information
as about advantage of a strawberry,
and a legend about a raspberry, about
vitamins containing in apricots,
about medicinal properties of a cherry
and about many other things.


If you never heard about a fruitcake
from treacle and never tried crackling
rolls from a sesame paste here to you
recipes one better another.


What do you think is irreplaceable at a breakfast?

Molasses, seasame past, prepared at full conformity of the necessary consistence.
Jam from a cherry doubles taste of oil put on bread
Halvah from pistachios melting in a mouth
I would like to have all it for a breakfast


  • Corner where you can find the helpful information as about advantage of a strawberry
  • Corner where you can find the helpful information as about advantage of a strawberry
  • Corner where you can find the helpful information as about advantage of a strawberry

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Many sources indicate native land of the jam as the Middle East. It has reached Europe after crusades. The sugar cane and some fruit has got to Europe during crusades and thus there was a jam. In the cookbook known as oldest, written Roman Apicius in 1 century includes recipes of some Jams. Jam one of the best viands in our life occurs from the Persian word "Richal".

Two ways to make jams

1. Boil
To prepare good jam fresh fruit is necessary. We recommend not to use rotten or unripe fruits. Fruit should be washed up carefully .

2. Wrapping style
Fruit should be put in sugar a day before preparation. For example, the strawberry, a peach, a cherry or plum prepare thus.In bowl put a layer of fresh fruit and a layer of sugar. On the next day if some dilution then at once we put to boil, if is not present, we add a few waters. Here it is necessary to pay attention to that that fruit was not rumpled. For this purpose it is necessary to move fruit to other bowl. When the syrup will accept a necessary consistence to throw fruit in a syrup.

Types of jam

Traditional Jam
According to the Turkish Food Code traditional fruit jam is a mix of sugar and fruit finished to a certain consistence. In this jam the quantity of fruit should be 33 %.

Extra Traditional Jam
According to the Turkish Food Code extra fruit jam is a mix of sugar and fruit finished to a certain consistence. In this jam the quantity of fruit should be not less than 45 %. This type of jam differs From traditional jam the big maintenance of fruit.

Diabetic Products
The jam prepared under normal conditions differs very high maintenance of sugar. For this reason, for sick by a diabetes are made special production.

This special jam prepared from grated fruit and sugar. This jam should be boiled longer that remains less waters. Thus, it more dense.

Many of us loving roses also perceive them as love flowers. Along with it roses are widely used in cosmetology, in medicine and in food area. Here some places of use of pink water for health and care of a skin. Pink water successfully treats diseases of a throat, an infection of a mouth, an inflammation of digestive organs, a diarrhoeia, dandruff, an inflammation of joints, mammary gland diseases, small wounds of a skin, a cold, cuts, extensions and bruises, teenage spots and many other diseases.To date, the rose is used as follows: jam of roses, preserved roses, rose water, cream of roses, attar of roses.

100 grams of rose petals are separated from the stems, then washed by immersing in water. Water to pump, and the petals finely cut with scissors, and then mix thoroughly with sugar, put in a jar or a pot of jam.Needed during mixing, add citric acid or lemon juice, cover tightly and kept in a cool place.

The candied petals of roses, are stored, thus, within two days. Before you start cooking is necessary to add rest sugar and pour into pan. If the rose petals were mixed with sugar, then add 1.5 cups of water and put on the fire until it takes the necessary consistency.Formed during the preparation the foam carefully removed, the resulting jam into hot kind fill in a dry and clean container. After cooking in accordance with the above recipe is obtained 1100-1150 grams of jam.Bon appetit...

Jam from a rose become from odorous petals. Jam from a rose strengthens a stomach. The water-ice from this jam is useful to heart.

The native land of the sweet cherry is Caspian sea, Southern caucasus and Northern Anatoly; the cherry native land is North Anatolijsky mountains between Caspian sea and Istanbul. Botanical the Latin name of cherry Prunus cerasus occurs from the former name of Giresuna Kerasus. Distribution of a cherry and a sweet cherry on the European continent has resulted from carrying over of seeds by birds and animals. To America the cherry was brought by colonists.The majority of grades have been imported from England and for the first time are cultivated at Pacific coast in the State of Oregon.

Ruby-red cherry jam, which we are accustomed to eat, because it contains minerals and vitamins act as a shield against many diseases. Anthocyanin that gives cherries the red color serves as an antioxidant, renewing cells. A glass of cherry juice a day satisfies the daily requirement of antioxidants in the body.Cherry helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease, relieve pain in muscles, improves memory and plays an active role in balancing the weight.

Cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A and C, sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and is a powerful weapon against febrile diseases.

Positive properties of "acid" of a cherry
Cherry has a refreshing effect as compared with cherries contains less sugar and thus less calories. Cherry is a diuretic, stops diarrhea, improves the work of the stomach and liver, and also displays the water from the body. Plays an important role in the proper operation of the digestive system cherries according to recent research by the content of "anthocyanin" reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Cherries are washed with water, purified stalks, seeds removed and then mixed with sugar coats are put in a bowl to make jams, the topmost layer should be sugar. Leave overnight or for 4-5 hours. Sugar absorbs the juice of cherries and dissolves. Next day the cherry cooks without water addition, having boiled some time of a berry of a cherry, are taken out by a spoon, a syrup boil still some time, then cherries of honey agarics put in a syrup and add lemon acid or a lemon juice. Boil even 4-5 minutes then the received jam in a hot kind filled in the dry and pure container. Bon appetit...

Thanking scientific to the name (Prunus Armeniaca) by initially native land of an apricot was considered Armenia, after additional researches in this area it was found out that the territory of distribution of this fruit is area from the Central Asia to the Western China. China, the Central Asia and the Near East are three gene centres of an apricot. The apricot was known on its native land China three more thousand years ago. Distribution of an apricot from Italy and Greece in other European countries has occurred very much for a long time. The apricot has been delivered in a 13 century to England, in 17 century to France and the United States.

Get apricot stones if apricots very big divide them half-and-half. Put apricots in a pan. Add sugar and leave for the night.Remove the kernels of apricot pits. Fill them with boiling water, leave for five minutes and remove the husks.Throw kernels of stones in a pan and start to cook jam on weak fire. . Remove the formed foam with a spoon. Bring to a readiness, and add lemon juice. Boil five more minutes and remove from heat. In the hot stuff in cans and cool upside down. Bon Appetit ...
Put in a pan sugar with water and put on the fire. Decant water of the dried apricots presoaked during 24 hours. Put apricots in a boiling syrup. Check a syrup in process of its condensation. When the syrup becomes dense enough and will become some jam add a lemon juice. To cook within five minutes. To understand whether the received syrup consistency is necessary take a little syrup and pour into a glass of water. If the syrup is mixed with water, then the jam is ready. Collect the foam with a spoon. In the hot stuff in cans and cool upside down. Bon Appetit...

For the first time in Mesopotamia Greeks had been deduced some kinds of a quince which are widely popular in our country. Across Anatolia before ripening quince trees, beautiful flowers in May and June bring here the spring. In November ripe fruits of a quince start to decorate our tables. Except for some kinds, a quince, despite attractive yellow colour, not prefer to eat raw.However prepared for a long time, without any additives the quince is magically painted in red colour and extends around amazing aroma that does by its irreplaceable product for each cook.
Turkey wins first place among quince world production, and on the use occupies 25 place in the world.

All kinds of a quince grow in our country, on a version of the form, colour, weight almost, pulp and level of acids quince kinds have received following local names: a lemon, bread, Istanbul, Metilena, eshme, etc.

High level of pectin (the substance used in the food-processing industry as a thickener) containing in quince and its seeds are widely used in manufacture of cosmetic products.

Eastern healers have used the infusion derived from quince seeds survive in warm water as an effective remedy for cough.Also it prevents crackling of lips.

From dried leaves of a quince which can be found in drugstores or to prepared, make tea which has calming effect and it is useful at a sleeplessness.

Clear a quince and remove seeds and their basis. Give to the cleared quince the desirable form or grate. Put in a pan with water and put on fire.Cook, while the quince become soft. Then add sugar and stir until the sugar has melted. Simmer until thickened syrup. When the syrup will thicken add a few lemon juice and mix. In a hot kind fill in pure and dry jar. Bon appetit...

Orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit constitute a family of commercially valuable fruit trees.The received name from a citron tree, this includes family not only agricultural production, but also native-grasses and bushes.But in everyday life the word citrus apply only to fruit trees. These trees also common called as ""citrus"".

Snow, winter, colds and a flu, and cold inevitably pursuing us... Almost all of us used the orange in treatment of a flu. We know that the orange is a vitamin C source. However, the benefits of vitamin C and orange is not limited by the fact that we know. An orange contains, along with vitamin C and B vitamins, potassium, calcium and magnesium.Also the orange is rich with fibres, organic acids and sugar.

Rich in vitamins C and B orange makes a person dynamic. Vitamin C which contains in an orange, allows small and large blood vessels to remain elastic. Prevents vascular diseases. Increases resistibility of an organism.

Also contains orange variety of B vitamins folic acid.Folic acid is necessary at pregnancy, especially within first three months. Prevents such anomalies as Spina Bifida syndrome at children. Promotes formation of red blood bodies.

Fibres containing in orange structure adjusts digestive system, reduces risk of some kinds of a cancer and heart diseases.

Wash carefully the oranges, wash peels with a brush. Cut longitudinal ten orange with a sharp knife as thin as possible. Squeeze the juice of two oranges. Squeeze the lemon juice and then pour orange slices with orange and lemon juice together and put on fire. Add a little cinnamon. Sprinkle with grated coconut. Pour two quarts of water and leave for 24 hours. Later 24 hours to get cinnamon, to add 2 kgs of sugar. Put on slow fire and finish to boiling constantly stirring slowly. When jam will begin to boil to leave on slow fire for an hour and a half. Fill in pure dry jars when jam will be ready. Bon appetit...

The fig native land is Turkey, from here it has got to Syria, Palestin, and then to China and India through the Near East.
In Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations the fig was considered as a fertility symbol.
Figs are rich in fiber, also contains vitamins B and C, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. In the dried figs contain many fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6 protein. Thanks to the fibers of figs accelerates the digestive process, eliminates constipation and softens bowel. Gives the body strength and energy. Eliminates the physical and mental fatigue. Helps with fatigue, forgetfulness, cough and aching in the throat. It is useful to eat figs with flu and bronchitis. Dried figs are especially well remove slime, lowers cholesterol, protects the body from cardiovascular diseases.Raises stability of an organism against diseases by prevention of distribution of bacteria and viruses.Also protects from a cancer.

Cut a fig and leave for the night in water. Then add sugar and water and put on fire. To finish to a consistence of jam and to add lemon acid. Once again to boil, remove from fire and in a hot kind to fill in in pure and dry wares.Bon appetit...

The prepared or cleared fig will boil 20 minutes in wide ware. Readiness of a fig can be understood on change of colour and when the fig will start to fall on a ware bottom. A boiled fig must be decant and in the cooled kind squeeze out to merge bitter water. To put wide pan with water and sugar on strong fire,stir until the sugar dissolve. Leave to cook on high, and then on average fire. To finish to a consistence of jam and to add lemon acid. Once again to boil, remove from fire and in a hot kind to fill in pure and dry wares. Bon appetit...

Wash out carefully a fig. One kg of a fig will boil with a water glass to soften. A fig, pressing a wooden spoon to crush in a colander.The resulting slurry put in a saucepan and cook stirring, adding the sugar. When you receive a consistency similar to marmalade add lemon juice. Marmalade boil a little more and remove from heat. Marmalade fill in dry glass jars and close the lid. Bon Appetit...
Ancestral home is considered Turkey , in due course from here it has extended on all regions of the world.
In many regions of our country the rose hip grows in a wild kind, thanks to the rich maintenance of minerals and vitamins it is widely used in food and a pharmaceutical industry. Rose hips are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, E and K and minerals of P and K. Rose hip richest fruit content of vitamin C. In 100 grams of vitamin C, rose hips more than a box of orange.
Rose hips contain 30-40 times more vitamins than lemon and tomatoes, is 300 times more than apples. Rosehip is used in the preparation of jellies, jams, fruit juices, herbal teas and baby food, as well as fortification of fruit and vegetable juices with a low content of vitamin C. Flowers and leaves are also used as an herbal tea.
In our country, is widely used to treat rickets and rheumatic fever.
Vitamin C enhances the body's resistance against colds, influenza and other febrile illnesses.
Along with vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and prevents the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. As a result, helps to prevent bleeding.
It is also widely used in treating diabetes and diarrhea.

Wash the rose red color, cut flowers and stems. Put in a saucepan with water to prepare marmalade. Simmer until the consistency of gruel.Wash the rose red color, cut flowers and stems. Put in a saucepan with water to prepare marmalade. Simmer until the consistency of gruel. Well softened rose strain through a colander, remove the kernels and shells. The resulting slurry spend through a sieve. The resulting mass boil again. This time, stirring constantly during boiling, so that mass is not stuck to the bottom of the pan. Cook on low heat until it gets the consistency of gelatin. Permanently remove the accumulating foam.Besides in a pan it is possible to throw a pure sock not allocating a paint that to it dogrose fibers have stuck. Closer to the willingness to add sugar (30% by weight of rose hips). Added sugar early can make the color darker. Fill hot in jars, close the lid. Bon Appetit...
The walnut is old as human history, the most ancient witness of history. The nut native land is Iran, therefrom as it is known it has got to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, India, China and Japan.According to sources, the Greeks and the Romans in 300 BC used walnut oil. Ancient civilizations used a walnut, not only for food but also for dyeing hair and clothes.
The green peel of a nut reminds a head skin, rigid a shell - a skull, nut segments remind a brain, the chemical compound is useful to maintenance of health of a brain. It contains linoleic and alpha linolenic acid, vitamins E and B6, so is an ideal food for the nervous system, since ancient times for nuts used to reduce fatigue of the brain.
Indeed apart from this interesting similarities walnut is considered a ""pillar of the brain.""Walnut contains linoleic and alpha linolenic acid, vitamins E and B6, making it an excellent food for the nervous system.
Thanks to omega-3 nut helps with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and reducing clinical depression. Lowers cholesterol, prevents heart rhythm abnormalities.
Phytosterols protect against colon cancer, breast and prostate cancer, strengthens the immune system.
Lowers blood cholesterol.
L-arginine contained in the nut smooths the inside blood vessels, thereby relaxing the vascular system.
Thanks to melatonin walnut helps people suffering from insomnia.

Thin layer clear an external thin skin of green walnuts. Keep 8 days (water to change every day) in water. Carefully wash out and leave for the night in limy whitewashing. Once again wash with a big quantity of water, also boil thoroughly within 10 minutes. Repeat procedure boiling and washings of 3 more times. Then merge water. Add sugar and put in a refrigerator for 1 night. Next day add 1 glass of water and finish to boiling on slow fire while jam will not thicken. Add a lemon juice and a carnation will boil within 15 minutes. Fill in a hot kind in jars, close covers. Bon appetit...

Lime cream: two handfuls of lime Pour 3 liters of water. After 3-4 hours of lime down to the bottom. Fill the prepared nuts and keep the fluid from the half-hour to an hour. If you hold out for long nuts can harden. Then wash them in plenty of water 6-7 times. Nectar of the green nut is made from unripe green fruits.
Plum homeland, which is Anatolia, adapted to different climatic zones due to migration and wars. It is believed that the discharge has spread worldwide from the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea coast. Birthplace of another variety plums "Prunus institia" is Damascus.The native land of other grade of plum "Prunus institia" is Damascus. In the world is more than two thousand grades of plum. Quantity of the versions growing in our country more of two hundreds. Plums differ from each other depending on maturing and ways of gathering.There are both varieties of plums with tall trees and shrub species.

Plum is a fruit with a hard stone.An edible part fleshy and juicy. Plums are very different in shape, color and taste. Bones are bitter.

Plum contains many vitamins of group In (В1, В2, В3, В6), vitamin A, vitamin C and Е.Well influences intestines work.Plums are also rich in potassium and magnesium, in connection with what is especially useful for people with high blood pressure. Plum Murdum addition of patients with blood pressure are advised to use in patients with liver diseases, heart and kidney in patients with digestive disorders and rheumatic diseases.

Plum is a powerful antioxidant, that is contains the substances protecting healthy fabrics and cages at the expense of what reduces risk of development of heart troubles. Wash out plums with a water considerable quantity, get stones and cut on desired size. Then put in a wide pan and add sugar. Leave for the night that plums have started up juice. Then put a pan on average fire and add 1 glass of water, boil before formation of a dense syrup. More close to readiness add a lemon juice and boil once again. Remove the formed foam and in a hot kind fill in jars, close covers. Bon appetit...
Spread of strawberry all over the word is really interesting story.

In 18 century the French soldier by name of Frezier on service has been sent to Chile. On the way back the first time he tried it and was very fond of small red fruit, that is, strawberries, and brought them to France. From there, strawberries from the Rosaceae family spread across the globe. Stalks of these berries with white colours, grow not too highly from the earth, at first berries happen pink, and at maturing get dark colour. It is known more than 600 grades of a strawberry. In our country 6 grades of a strawberry are grown up. Them concern: Фрэнк, Arnavutkoj, Bursa which is used for preparation of jam, Erekli Osmanly and wild strawberry growing in woods is grown up in hotbeds.

As well as other fruit the strawberry is very useful to health.

It is useful at rheumatism and similar diseases. Is a strong diuretic.Throws out from an organism uric acids and congestions of salts, and also toxic substances. Besides in a strawberry there is a salicylic acid not containing in other fruit. It is the basic preparation for rheumatism treatment.

The strawberry clears vessels, throws out superfluous water from an organism and reduces a high blood pressure. The strawberry strengthens liver work, increases bile secretion.

Improves work of a liver and digestion. Strawberry water kills harmful microbes in intestines. That prevents a poisoning of people. Strengthens work of all glands. Gives to a body a youth and force.Strawberry acids dissolve the stones saved up in teeth.

 Wash strawberries, remove any stalks. Slice strawberries. Pour the strawberries with sugar, leave overnight. The next day, the melted sugar and strawberries (no added water), put on fire and cook over medium heat, stirring from time to time. When it start to boil, turn down the fire and continue boıl without stirring.Permanently remove the foam from the jam.Add lemon juice, whet it eill be due consistency boil again and pour hot into jars, cover with lids. Bon Appetit ...
Raspberries (Latin name: Rubus idaeus), derives its name from Mount Ida in the Anatolian mythology, raspberries, also known as Blackberry Mount Ida. Also it is known as Raspberry and Frambuaz. According to a legend, on a grief the Olympus where lived god of gods of Zevs, grew this plant which also named a tree strawberry .

The raspberry to concern group of berries. In a wild kind she can be met in many places. However are important and raspberry cultivars In comparison with wild grades cultivated larger are widely used and have the big economic value. Raspberries in our country, especially in the last few years, grown for commercial purposes.

Raspberries used in different forms. t is used both in a fresh kind, and in a tinned kind as jam, jam, fruit juice, is used at preparation of pies.

Throws out toxic substances from an organism, clears blood. Gives energy. It is useful to people with the raised temperature thanks to febrifugal effect. And also at rheumatism, a gout, an anaemia and a tuberculosis. Has diuretic effect, it is useful at a lock.Mature fresh fruits of a raspberry contain a lot of vitamin A and are very useful. it is recommended to patients,with disease of kidneys and to diabetics in a fresh kind.

Wash out a raspberry in the big ware, put in a colander and merge water. The drained raspberry in equal quantity with sugar layers put in a pan. Wait some time that the raspberry has started up juice. Then put on weak fire and boil, sometimes stirring slowly to a dense consistence. Constantly remove foam from jam. Add lemon acid, boil once again , and in a hot kind fill in in jars, close covers. Bon appetit...
Blackberries belong to one of the subgroups of the family Rosaceae, to which hundreds of varieties of blackberries and raspberries. Homeland Blackberry considered western India and Pakistan, over time it spread from there to the territory of Turkistan came to China via Khorasan came to North Africa and Western Europe, and eventually spread far to the north of the United States.In Turkey grows in a wild kind in Marble and Black Sea regions and in regions with a temperate climate and damp soil, grows also rare and not well-groomed woods.

The blackberry plays the important role in health of the person, is rich with organic acids, minerals and vitamins.

The blackberry blocks development of cancer and tumoral cages. Contains anticancer substance ellagik. This substance blocks growth of cancer cages and tumours. Researches have shown that the blackberry slows down growth of a cancer of a mammary gland and a uterus. Tea from leaves heals ulcers in an oral cavity. Does a skin beautiful. For this reason it is widely used in cosmetology. The maintenance of vitamins of group In positively influences development of children.
Improves memory.
Tea from leaves, treating the wounds in the mouth.
Purifies the blood.
Makes skin beautiful. For this reason, often used in cosmetics.
Balances the water and sugar in the blood.
Contains a large amount of vitamins. A positive effect on children's development since the content of B vitamins

Wash out a blackberry in a considerable quantity of water, pour the water. Then put in a pan and fill up sugar. Leave for the night. Next day to cook on slow fire without stirring . Constantly remove foam from jam. Add lemon acid, boil once again, and in a hot kind fill in jars, close covers. Bon appetit...
The bilberry is a berry known throughout centuries, with 1862 its literary past begins. But the bilberry has received popularity during the Second World War when it was found out that the blackberry improves sight of pilots. The bilberry has undergone to various laboratory and clinical experimental researches after 1960. The bilberry as a result of all these researches has taken a due place in the modern literature of medicine.
In the literature of our country this plant is known as to Jaban Mersini. Nevertheless, in different geographical regions it is known under separate names. For example, Likapa in Rize, in Trabzon Ligarba, Lifos or Trabzonsky raisin, in Rize as Kaskanaka, around Rizy Ardesene as Chera, or in Art fault as Mahabak, in Giresun as bush strawberries in the other regions as bearish grapes, Raisin of the shepherd.
In a bilberry the highest level of antioxidants in comparison with other herbs. Only this feature is already sufficient to put a bilberry in a category of wild-growing herbs. At the same time;
Blueberries activates enzymes that protect the body from cancer. Has anticarcinogenic and antioxidant features. When used in fresh purify the blood. Although blueberries are very nutritious, it is at the same time is an indispensable part of many high-calorie diets. Lowers blood sugar. Lowers blood cholesterol. Reduces the risk of heart attack.Improves night vision, reduces eye fatigue, prevent myopia and visual impairment caused by diabetes.Treats glare and night blindness, prevents capillary cracks. Due to the high potassium content is a very powerful disinfectant. According to the survey cup blueberries a day, slow the aging process and strengthens memory.

Put blueberries in a saucepan and fill with sugar so that completely cover the berries.Place over medium fire to let fruit juice and sugar has melted. After the jam boil, reduce heat and continue boiling for some time. Add the lemon juice, boil again and pour into hot jars, cover with lids. Bon Appetit ...

PREPARATION OF BLUEBERRY JAM; Clean fruits from the stalks, wash and dry them, crush them with a fork. Add the mashed apple juice, indigo, and sugar in a large saucepan cook, stirring constantly. Add the lemon, boil it again. Remove the marmalade from the formed foam , to get indigo. Fill in the marmalade jars and close the lid. Bon Appetit...
Sesame, which grows in hot climates is obtained from the sesame plant Sesamum indicum. Sesame seeds are mainly used for making bread, have a black and yellow. It is also used in the manufacture of confectionery and in Middle Eastern cuisine.Sesame is cultivated in tropical regions, especially in Africa, Asia, South America and in the temperate regions of the Middle East. Sesame should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Sesame, this is probably one of the oldest known agricultural products. It is known that in China it was grown 2,000 years ago. China is also the largest producer of sesame seeds. Sesame oil is a favorite food in the Far East countries such as China, Japan, Korea. At the same time, the Egyptians used Sesame as a medicinal product.Turkishmen also 900-s. BC used sesame for the production of sesame oil. In the first century, sesame seeds imported from India to Europe.Persians used sesame oil because they do not know how to make olive oil.

Sesame is used in the preparation of bakery products primarily for cooking simit. In addition, sesame seeds used to make sesame paste.

Sesame oil is useful in the treatment of gallstones. Is used to treat liver diseases. Eliminates constipation. Intensifies sexual activity. Eliminates abdominal pain.Eliminates the pain in his stomach. Also useful for shortness of breath and bronchitis. It is known in some regions of Turkey as an oil Shirikov, sesameoil is also effective in the treatment of breathing difficulties and chronic bronchitis. At cough and a pain in lungs it is necessary to rub with oil a sore point. It is besides used for treatment of burns and skin diseases, in a combination to other substances prepare medical ointments.
Sesame paste is made from the sesame known by us from simit . Sesame seeds are kept in water, husk, and then roasted and dried. Grind fried sesame takes form of the sesame paste.

Sesame oil contains 55 percent fat, contributes to the formation of fatty acids. Protects liver cells from alcohol and other chemicals. Sesame oil in addition to mineral properties is the delicious food. Helps to keep food in the stomach for a long time.

Before sugar occurrence Turkish sweets were made by honey and molasses. Thus, molasses throughout millenia is traditional sweet with the important nutrients. Molasses has been made by Turks with a view of conservation of products, on the one hand promotes long preservation of such quickly spoiling products as grapes and a grape mash, on the other hand provides requirement of an organism for sugar. Molasses prepares by boilt fruit to a dense consistence, happens dark colour in a dense or liquid kind. Besides grapes treacle prepared from a mulberry and hawthorn fruits.
Grape Molasses
The molasses prepared from grapes is a type of molasses. It is used for haemoglobin increase in blood, gives energy, lifts appetite. It is very useful for development of babies and mothers during pregnancy. Besides, positively influences a stomach, intestines and kidneys. Prevents hardening of the arteries and improves circulation of blood.
To separate berries of grapes and carefully to wash out in kurunda (pool). At first carefully to crush and well to boil. Constantly to remove the formed foam and to leave for subsidence of deposits. The cleared sherbet to merge in other ware and a deposit to fill in a gauze and to hang up highly over ware to merge the sherbet which has remained in it. The collected sherbet, stirring slowly to keep on the sun, thus, the sherbet will be condensed. After reception of a desirable consistence again to filter (through a gauze) and to fill in pure to jars.
Molasses from Mulberry
The molasses prepared from a mulberry is a type of molasses. Advise to accept in the form of food to patients ill with an anaemia. Accept at gastric illnesses and also at stomach ulcers. Are used for increase of resistibility of an organism against cold, and also at an asthma and a bronchitis.Is a source of energy for athletes. Helps the mental and physical development of children and infants. Effective for diseases of the mouth and throat with mouthwash in liquid form. Also use as a healing remedy for thrush in children. ""
Carob Molasses
The molasses prepared from a carob tree is a type of molasses. This kind of molasses peculiar to regions of the Egejsky and Mediterranean sea. Consults to use a non-polluting product. Is very much an effective remedy against a short wind. Helps decrease in cholesterol and balancing of arterial pressure. It is useful for heart, prevents tachycardia. Strengthens and freshens an organism. It is rather useful to people sick of an anaemia. Besides, has property of strengthening of a teeth and bones. Stimulates intestines work. Very useful foodstuff for pregnant women and children. Thanks to the maintenance of high percent of minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc etc.) and vitamins it is very useful to a blood pressure, a liver and lungs. Has the high maintenance of calcium, sodium and potassium. Therefore deletes toxic substances from blood. High composition of crude fiber has a positive effect on the digestive system and intestinal diseases. Cleans the intestinal worms and intestinal parasites. Is a powerful source of nutrients because it contains vitamins A, B2, B3, D, and so on.
Sesame halva is a traditional Turkish sweet, contains an average of 540 calories (100 grams) when used warms the body, gives energy and reduces appetite.

According to a study conducted on the composition of sesame halva found that this sweetness is rich in fat, protein and sugar. Due to the specific method of preparation of halva, it has high property fragmentation, the fine structure of fibers and high aromatic taste.

Thanks to the saponin extract coven used in the production of halva, reduces blood cholesterol and also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. So it has a rich composition of protein, calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins (types of vitamin B) is mostly used in children and youth. Sesame butter and sugar, available in halva is useful for stomach disorders and is recommended by doctors.

The cores two raw materials from which halvah prepares it is sugar and sesame paste. Also contains a small amount of acid standard (also known as citric acid), and Coven (also known as the root of kelp) and natural aroma of vanilla. In addition to pistachio halva of these products adds a further flavored with cocoa or roasted pistachios.

Dessert, applied after the fish...

Hot sesame halva;
Crushed sesame halva and mix with cinnamon. Add the milk and make a thick slurry.Put in a dish for the oven and sprinkle with pistachios or walnuts. No need to over-fill the dish, as it may spill and damage the oven. Simmer at 180 degrees until golden brown. Bon Appetit

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Tunas the family company has begun the activity in 1989 as a part of company Celik Gida in industrial complex Gaziantep.
Today the company possesses 12000 closed both 16000 open space and industrial volume 60 tone in day, the company acquaints all world with a traditional Turkish cuisine and production made according to the European standards and on the higher technological basis.
Tunas Gida Pazarlama and Celikler Gida based on principles of professional management and services, thanks to long-term experience carries out manufacture on the basis of satisfaction of the client and standards ISO 22000.
Company Tunas possessing long-term experience in area of manufacture of jams and halvahs grows every year thanks to introduction of innovations, and renders services to clients carrying out export to 40 countries and 4 continents and also creates system of distribution of dealers and distributors in all territory of Turkey.
Thanks to long researches and the important chemical calculations of calories and nutritional values of the products, all made production especially for children is an ideal energy source and nutrients.
Having combined experience in carrying out of traditional tastes for this day, an openness to innovations with reformist structure of the company it was possible to become a brand and the leader in branch. Having added innovations to national Turkish sweets preparing throughout centuries, it was possible to diversify kinds of sweets on our tables.
Tunas, aspires to be the representative of "innovation" in the sector and has proved it having received set of awards.
Company Tunas production: the sesame paste made from best sesames of the Turkey and the world, the molasses made from best grapes of the Turkey, cream halvah from a sesame Krelva recommended to consumers of all age as a natural source of nutrients and energy, chocolate nut cream Marvella, jam from a strawberry, apricots, a cherry, a raspberry, a blackberry, oranges, a fig, plum, a rose, etc. already during quarter of the century brings a variety on our tables and does our life is more sweet.

Sesame paste turns out as follows: high-quality seeds of a sesame are sifted, after peeling are washed out and within 2 3 hours are fried at temperature 150 º - 200 º, and cooled at a room temperature. Then triturated and brought up to readiness without any additives and konservantov.Natural sesame oil is a food product light cream-colored liquid consistency. This product is served for breakfast, added to flour products, as well as used as a high-calorific food, when mixed with honey and molasses.
Sesame paste contains 55 % of fat thanks to what supplies an organism with energy and promotes formation of acids necessary for an organism. Also detaining food in a stomach slows down feeling of hunger. The fountain of youth. Updates cages and heals wounds. Sesame paste has considerable quantity lecithin (vitamin E) contains, and also this product is rich with vitamin C and B. Product has easy laxative and diuretic action. Two spoons of sesame pastes contains a protein more than in a half a kilogramme meat.

As stream quickly gets into blood it is a unique product for those for whom it is necessary fast inflow of energy. Two spoons of molasses (20гр) contains 2 mg of iron, 80 mg calcium and 58 calories of energy necessary for a human body. In 100 gr. of molasses there are 0.014 mg of vitamin B1, 0.15 mg of vitamin B2 and others useful and nutrients necessary for teenagers, workers, sportsmens, pregnant and feeding women.
According to other research 1 kg of grapes and 200 gr. of molasses caloric content is equivalent with 1150 gr of milk, 300 gr of bread, 390 gr of meat. And also that fact is important that the sugar containing in molasses looks like some glucose and fructose that is an irreplaceable food for babies and children.
There is no necessity for molasses splitting in digestive system, as it easily penetrates by diffusion into the cell of blood. Therefore molasses is important for energy supply of children and sportsmen with high activity.
Iron contained in grapes and molasses easily digested and provides 35% of our daily requirement of iron in the body.
Besides it grape molasses raises blood, gives energy, stimulates the appetite, is very useful for pregnancy and child development. Strengthens properties of a stomach, an intestines and kidneys. It is useful to strengthening of arteries. Relaxes the blood circulation.

Sesame paste, made from roasted and milled sesame seeds and used for centuries in Central Asia and Southern Europe, both Arab and Jewish people.Halvah was so well-known in that epoch that was used in the beginning or the end of many names of sweets.At studying of a historical origin of halvah it is possible to see the data saying that sweet belongs to Pakistan, India and so on.Though sweet 100 % beginning made during last period of Ottoman empire and is Turkish sweet. Word halvah has the Arabian origin and means beautiful, pleasant, sweet.
Halvah from a sesame and its varieties (with cocoa and a pistachio) rich with vitamins of group B. In addition to the properties to give energy halva is also rich in proteins, carbohydrates and calcium.      

Except for the kitchen of the Far East halva is an indispensable product for breakfast in all countries. Distribution of jams on Middle East has occurred after crusades. Crusaders distributed worldwide jam recipes which they borrowed from the local population of the Middle East, taking with them jam according campaigns in Europe.
The main feature of flavouring and nutritious properties of jam is quality and quantity of fruit containing in jam. Тунас, makes jam from fresh fruit of a strawberry, a rose, apricots, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, an orange, being able to keep their natural taste thanks to what they are irreplaceable tastes on our tables.

The strawberry having pink colour and beautiful aroma, is rather useful and nutritious fruit. The strawberry contains rich quantity of iron and phosphorus. Besides contains vitamins C, B, and K.

Useful properties of a strawberry: Gives force to an organism. Reduces level of cholesterol and prevents an atherosclerosis. It also strengthens immune system, a strawberry very good antioxidant. Prevents cancer occurrence. It is very useful to regular work of digestive system.Removes intestinal worm has a diuretic property, and removes harmful substances from the body. It purifies the blood. Strengthens the gums and removes an unpleasant smell from a mouth. Has calming action both reduces stress and reduces a blood pressure. Reduces heat. It is useful at rheumatism and liver diseases. Humidifies a skin, gives freshness and beauty.

How to use strawberries? Dried leaves can be used in making tea. Drinking on an empty stomach is useful for better digestion. Can be used for purification and renewal of the skin with strawberry puree mixed with milk.

According to legend, on Mount Olympus, where he lived the god of gods, Zeus has grown this plant, which is also called the strawberry tree. This is a thorny shrub of the Rosaceae family (Rosaceous) which gives the fragrant fruit.
Raspberry which contains vitamin C, iron and organic acids, especially recommend to diabetics, the people suffering from a heartburn, rheumatism, a lock and people with albumin in urine. Malina is a drug berry that is used to treat sore throats, bronchitis, diseases of the urinary tract and inflammation of the mouth, is a friend of the liver.

Taste of a cherry reminds taste of a sweet cherry, but more sour. Cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A and C, sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Cherry has the same properties as the sweet cherry.

Useful properties of a cherry: strengthens a stomach. Destroys bacteria. Reduces heat and a diuretic. Stops a diarrhoeia. Calms a body. Removes thirst. Used for coughs. Relieve pain. Removes inflammation. Useful in sleep disorders.

Used as a fruit, and petioles and the bark of the tree. Jam and compote of cherries a widely used product. In medicine, cherry bark is used as a febrifuge and petioles as a diuretic.

Apricots contain many minerals and vitamins useful to a human body.
Useful properties of apricots: Reduces stress and improves brain activity. Restores a liver. Plays the important role in correct work and health of bones. Strengthens a teeth. Increasing blood manufacture, prevents an anaemia. Prevents formation of stomach ulcers and a duodenal gut. Play the important role in ulcer healing. Reduces formation of nephroliths. Positively influences reproductive system, improves sexual activity. Has protective effect against a cancer. Strengthens muscles of heart and promotes more rhythmical work of heart. Promotes correct work of intestines.

Quince fruits contain rich quantity of pectin, tannins, sugar, organic acids, vitamins A and C and mineral salts.
Prepared fruit liqueurs and quince compote is very effective for diarrhea in children. Fruit calms and gives force to heart work. Improves palpitation and eliminates an unpleasant smell from a mouth. Lowers temperature and eliminates a diarrhoeia. Eliminates diarrhoeia, strengthens a stomach and an intestines, eliminates small intestines inflammation. Helps organism development. Quince treats arthritis, lethargy liver, lowers blood pressure, regulates bile. Tea from the leaves removes the pain in my heart, has sedative properties.

Jam made from quince fruit treats diseases of digestive system and increases sexual activity. Quince cooked in butter helps with respiratory problems, chronic cough, bronchitis and tuberculosis.Quince flowers at mixing with honey eliminates a headache. Infusion from colours of a quince strengthens heart, raises milk of mother. The quince smell strengthens heart. Helps at varicose expansion of veins, weariness and an exhaustion.

The structure of orange are vitamins C, B1, B2 and PP, calcium, potassium, microelements and mineral salts, sugar, and carotene.
Oranges are rich in vitamin C and B, which make the human dynamic. Vitamin C in orange, helps with arthritis and prevents the narrowing of the veins. Increases the body's resistance. Helps purify the blood. Improves digestion. Energizes.Orange jam improves liver work.
Orange contains folic acid which is a type of vitamin B. A carotene cleanses the blood and at the same time makes the skin beautiful. Content in large quantities of vitamin C protects against winter illnesses such as flu and cold.

The use of a fresh and dry fig promotes updating of cages in an organism. The fig, contains in a considerable quantity of squirrels, vitamins and minerals that promotes updating of cages in an organism. Thanks to the maintenance of fibres the fig, promotes ejection of cholesterol from an organism without getting to blood. Restore digestion the fig also has properties to protect an organism from bacteria. The fig contains high percent of calcium and phosphorus guarantees formation and health of bones and a teeth. The calcium containing in a fig quickly is acquired by an organism. People who do not drink milk are recommended to use a fig.
As the fig contains 'benzaldehit', it prevents growth of cancer cages and is effective against a cancer.

The blackberry has very rich structure of organic acids, minerals and vitamins.
The blackberry has the important role in health of the person, prevents a senile sclerosis. It is very useful at diarrheas. Treats ulcers in an oral cavity and takes off weariness of feet. Also use in the cosmetic purposes. Besides, the Blackberry reduces a high blood pressure, removes weakness of eyes, helps to reduce stones in a bladder.Eliminates the inflammation of the mouth, tongue, gums and tonsils. Reduces the allocation for women. When applied externally relieves pain, heals burns. Use of the root as a tincture reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Strengthens the nerves. Helps with fatigue of the brain. Thanks to the diuretic effect relaxes the body. Recommended by swelling of the liver. Useful for anemia. Recommended for rheumatism, calcification.

Strengthens the nerves. Well affect the fatigue of the brain. It has a diuretic property that uspakaivaet body. Recommended for swelling of the liver. good for anemia. must apply the rheumatism.

Kayısı Reçelli Kurabiye

- 1 paket margarin
- 1 yumurta
- Tunas Kayısı Reçeli
- 1 su bardağı toz şeker
- 1 paket kabartma tozu
- Aldığı kadar un
- Yeterince pudra şekeri

Oda sıcaklığında yumuşamış margarini, şekeri ve yumurtayı karıştırın.
Yeteri kadar un ve kabartma tozunu da ilave ederek kulak memesi yumuşaklığında bir hamur yapın.
Nemli bir beze sararak 1 saat kadar buzdolabında dinlendirin.
Dinlenmiş hamuru merdane yardımıyla yarım parmak kalınlıkta açın.
Kek kalıbının ağzı ile kalpler şeklinde (veya bir su bardağının ağzı ile daire şeklinde) kesin.
Bu kestiğiniz kalplerin yarısının da ortasını daha küçük boyda bir kalıp ile kalp veya bir başka şekilde yine kesin çıkarın.
Hepsini hafif yağlanmış fırın tepsisine dizin ve 200 dereceye ayarlanmış fırında kurutmadan pişirin.
Bütün olarak pişirdiğiniz kurabiye parçalarına Tunas Kayısı Reçelini sürün.
Delikli kurabiye parçaları ve diğer içlerinden çıkan ufak parçaların üzerine güzel gözükmesi için pudra şekeri eleyin.
Daha sonra delikli kurabiyeleri, reçel sürülmüş deliksiz kurabiyelerin üzerine itina ile yerleştirin.
Soğuduktan sonra kurabiyeleri hep bir arada servise sunun.

Çilek Reçelli Kek

- 1 su bardağı un
- Yarım su bardağı şeker
- 4 çorba kaşığı süt
- 2 adet yumurta
- 4 çorba kaşığı süt
- 4 çorba kaşığı tereyağ
- 5 çorba kaşığı hindistan cevizi
- 1 çay bardağı Tunas Çilek Reçeli
- Renkli şekerler

Kek kalıbını hafifçe yağlayın.Tereyağını ve toz şekerini bir kapta iyice çırpın. İçine yumurtayı ve sütü ekleyip karıştırmaya devam edin. Unu ve kabartma tozunu da ekleyip hafifçe yedirerek karıştırın. Hamuru kek kalıplarına dökün. Kekleri fırında 15 dakika pişmeye bırakın. Kekler piştikten sonra kalıptan çıkartıp çilek reçeline ve sonra da hindistan cevizine bulayıp servis yapın.

İncir Reçelli Çörek

- 5 su bardağı un
- 1 su bardağı şeker
- 100 g margarin
- 1 su bardağı süt
- 2 adet yumurta
- 30 g yaş maya
- 1 tutam tuz
- 1 adet limon kabuğu rendesi
- 20 adet Tunas İncir Reçeli tanesi
- Üzerine: Margarin ve Pudra şekeri

Mayayı sıcak süt ile eritin. Bir süre kabarmasını bekleyin. Unu, şekeri, margarini, yumurtaları, tuzu ve içinde maya erittiğiniz sütü karıştırın. Limon kabuğu rendesini de ekleyin. Gerekirse 1-2 çorba kaşığı un ekleyin. Hamuru yoğurduktan sonra üzerine bir kapak kapatıp mayalanmasını bekleyin.

2 kat kabaran hamurdan parçalar koparın. Yuvarlayıp içlerine birer incir reçeli tanesi koyun. Hamuru açık yeri kalmayacak şekilde kapatın.

Yağlanmış fırın tepsisine sıralayın. Herbirinin üzerine bir parça margarin koyun. 200 dereceli fırında pembeleşene dek pişirin. Üzerine pudra şekeri serperek servis yapın.

Reçelli Bisküvi Tatlısı

- Tunas Vişne Reçeli
- Yarım kilo un
- Yarım su bardağından bir parmak fazla toz şeker
- 8 çorba kaşığı margarin
- 2 adet yumurta
- 1 buçuk su bardağı toz badem
- 1/4 çay kaşığı vanilya
- 1 tatlı kaşığı kabartma tozu
- 1 çay bardağı hazır çikolata sos

Unu bir kaba ekleyip üzerine toz şeker, margarin, yumurta, toz badem, vanilya ve kabartma tozunu ekleyin. Malzeme özleşene dek yoğurun. Yoğurduğunuz hamuru bezelere ayırıp, düz bir zeminde 4 mm kalınlığında açın. Su bardağı ile hamurlardan yuvarlaklar çıkarın. Hamurların yarısının ortasını, kalp şeklinde daha küçük bir kalıpla kesin. Hepsini, hafifçe yağlanmış fırın tepsisine dizin. Önceden ısıtılmış 180 derece fırında pembeleşene kadar pişirin. Soğuduktan sonra bisküvileri ikili olacak şekilde üstüste koyun (ortasını kestikleriniz üste gelecek). Kurabiyelerin kenarlarını çikolata sosa bulayın içlerine vişne reçeli doldurup servis yapın.

Tahinli Profiterol

Malzemeler - 250 gr pasta kreması (iç harcı için)
- 275 ml krema (sosu için)
- 100 gr Tunas Tahin (sosu için)
- 55 gr sütlü çikolata (sosu için)
- 225 gr bitter çikolata (sosu için)
- 125 ml su
- 125 ml süt
- 5 gr tuz
- 175 gr un
- 112 gr tereyağı
- 5 adet yumurta
- 100 gr tereyağı (sosu için)
- 100 gr glikoz (sosu için)
- 100 gr şeker (sosu için)

Su, süt, tereyağı ve tuzu ocağa koyun. Kaynamaya başlayınca unu ilave ederek tahta kaşıkla karıştırın. 1 dakika pişirip soğumaya bırakın. Yumurtaları ilave edip çırpıcı ile ya da kaşıkla birbirine yedirin. Koyu mayonez kıvamına gelince sıkma torbası ile yağlı tepsi veya silpata, şekil vererek sıkın ve 190 derecede 10-12 dakika pişirin.

Sosun Yapılışı:
Çikolatalar hariç tüm malzemeyi karıştırarak ocakta kaynatın. Çikolataları ilave edin. İyice karıştıktan sonra soğumaya bırakın.

Tahinli Çıtır Rulo

- 2 yufka
- 8 çorba kaşığı Tunas Tahin
- 6 çorba kaşığı sıvı yağ
- 10 çorba kaşığı toz şeker
- 3-4 çorba kaşığı ceviz yada fındık içi
- 1 adet yumurta sarısı
- Pudra şekeri (Ruloların üstüne)

Tahin, sıvı yağ, toz şeker ve cevizi karıştırın. Yufkayı serip, harcın yarısını sürün. Yufkayı katlayıp yarım daire oluşturun ve rulo yaparak sarın. Diğer yufkaya da aynı işlemi yapın.
2-3 cm aralıklarla ruloları kesin ve önceden yağlanmış tepsiye dizin. Üzerlerine yumurta sarısı sürün. Önceden ısıtılmış fırında 20-25 dakika üzeri pembeleşinceye kadar pişirin. Arzuya göre üzerlerine pudra şekeri serpin.

Pekmezli Kek
- 2 yumurta
- 3 yemek kaşığı dolusu yoğurt
- 70 gr tereyağ (eritilmiş, ılıtılmış)
- 2 yemek kaşığı limon kabuğu rendesi
- 1 çay bardağı esmer şeker
- 2 yemek kaşığı rendelenmiş limon kabuğu
- 3-4 yemek kaşığı Tunas Pekmez
- 1 paket kabartma tozu
- 1 su bardağından biraz fazla un

Yumurta, yoğurt, ılımış margarin ve pekmezi bir kapta çırpın. Başka bir kapta şeker, un ve kabartma tozunu karıştırın. Yavaş yavaş sıvı malzemelerin içine dökün ve yavaşça karıştırın. İçine en son limon kabuğu rendelerini ekleyin ve karıştırın.
Bir kek kalıbını veya muffin kalıplarınızı hafifçe yağlayın. İçine dökün. Önceden ısıtılmış 170 derece fırında pişinceye kadar tutun. Kürdan testiyle piştiğinden emin olduktan sonra çıkarın. Üstüne 1 çay kaşığı pekmez dökerek servis yapın. Afiyet olsun.